In 2012 ‘Offsite Belgium’, previously known as ‘Offsite Europe’, merged with an existing production company located in Poland.

We have 16 years of experience in the production of bathrooms and work with the highest existing technology in our own workshop.

Annually we produce between 7000 and 9000 units but have a total capacity of over 15.000 units annually thanks to our newly constructed production hall.

Our main markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and most of the other European countries. A reference can be send on request.

Our customers are extremely satisfied due to the high quality, the service and the quick installation of our products.

Our bathrooms are produced perfectly all year round at the same temperature and according the drawings made by your architects and our engineers.

Because of the efficiency and our organization, our prices are very competitive.
We focus on the newest production methods and everything from start to finish is created on own production. Whether it is GRP, Needless Units, Tiling, PVC or HLP:
we can do it all.

We are in the possession of the necessary ISO certificates as well as the needed patents and through the years we have gained a strong trust from our customers.

Offiste Belgium has won awards in fields of professionality and craftsmanship.